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Resource: Stupid Freakin’ “Question Task Cards”

In this guest post for Rick Hess Straight Up, I mentioned a teacher who created extra materials for a district-mandated “best practice” in which students write their own test questions based on fill-in-the-blank “question task cards.” You may have correctly guessed that I was the teacher involved. (Perhaps the slightly bitter tone gave it away?) Below are the materials. Feel free to download them and change them as needed if they help you… with the “task card” assignment or anything else. Just please, don’t put them into a new “best practices” packet and require others to use them.

Task card questions with highlighted keywords and explanation of benchmarks
StupidFreakinStemQuestions_Main Idea (776)
StupidFreakinStemQuestions_MethodsOfDevelopment (604)
StupidFreakinStemQuestions_CharacterAndPlotDevelopment (615)
StupidFreakinStemQuestions_ValidityAndReliabilityOfInformation (608)
StupidFreakinTaskCardQuestions_CauseAndEffect (615)
StupidFreakingTaskCardQuestions_VocabularyAndContextClues (627)
StupidFreakinStemQuestions_CompareAndContrast (620)
StupidFreakinTaskCardQuestions_AnalyzeAndEvaluateInfo (601)
StupidFreakinTaskCardQuestions_AuthorPurposeAndPointOfView (650)
StupidFreakinTaskCardQuestions_SynthesizeInformation (595)

Additional supplementary materials that you will want to use after trying to use the materials above
Objective/Genre Matchup (616)
Distractor Explanation Sheet (578)
Blank Chart for Questions (612)