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See Me After Class is a funny, honest, practical guide with hundreds of tales and tips from veterans from across the country. It’s been called, “the book you need to read after the books they make you read.”

The book is meant to keep the great teachers of the future in the classroom long enough to become great, and it deals head-on with the challenges not covered in training. Read it when a lesson goes horribly wrong, your whole class “forgets” a major project, or a parent curses at you in front of the kids. Pull it out at lunch on a bad day, or Sunday night as you battle those six-more-hours-till-Monday stomach cramps. This is meant to get you to school tomorrow.

While other books cover the eyes of readers to keep from scaring them, See Me After Class asks teachers to be brutally honest about how tough teaching is and whether the rewards are still worth it.

You can uncover your eyes now, teachers. The answer is yes.