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Faking It ‘Til You Make It: Tips for Looking Less Like a Rookie Teacher

 “Is this your first year as a teacher?”

There are only a few possible answers when a student asks this dreaded question. All of them are wrong.

Announcing the New Teacher Disillusionment Power Pack (A Free Resource)

Note: The Disillusionment Power Pack is a one-month series of emails to help teachers get through the hardest part of their first year. The content of these emails does not go out to any of my other mailing lists and is not available on this blog.

I probably wouldn’t have blogged during my first year of teaching. That year was defined by a constant sense that I was the weakest link, so I would never have had the courage to share my low points with the world.

See Me After Class: Discussion Questions for First-Year Teachers

Discussion and Reflection Questions for First-Year Teachers
See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers
By Roxanna Elden

See Me After Class: Book Discussion Questions for Education Courses and Pre-Service Teachers

Professors… or anyone using See Me After Class to train pre-service teachers:

This chapter-by-chapter guide is specifically tailored to readers preparing for the first year of teaching, which leaves you more time to develop that lesson on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Teacher Book Club Questions for See Me After Class

Teacher Book Club Questions for See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers
by Roxanna Elden

General Questions
-The author mentions teacher movies several times in her book. In what ways does she seem think these movies are helpful to real-life teachers? In what ways does she suggest they hurt? Do you agree?
-Which chapter did you find the most helpful? Why?
-On page 111, the author lists “Ten Principles of Successful Living We All Hope Students Learn From Us.” Is there anything you would add to this list? What steps do you take in your classroom to integrate these principles into your subject matter?

My Favorite Guidelines for Commenting on Writing in a Group or Class: Reaction, Description, Prescription

Three steps of peer editing:

Three Answers to the Question, “So, How Do I Get Published?”

At the end of my creative writing workshops, sometimes with only fifteen minutes left of the final class, someone inevitably asks, “So, how do we get our work published?” People also ask this question when they find out that I am the big-time smedium-time author of the breakaway, international bestseller moderately successful book See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers. Depending on the situation, I give one of three answers to this question:

Self-Editing Tips for Writers

These self-editing tips are based collectively on submissions from my adult creative writing workshops. They are tips meant for advanced rather than beginning writers, though they apply to almost every writer. They are generally more helpful in editing a first draft into a second draft, so don’t feel like you need to keep them in mind as you are writing. Get your writing onto the paper first. That’s the most important part. Then pick ONE of the following tips and edit for that.

Using the Tools of Standup Comedy to Make Your Writing Funnier (Humor Writing Mini-Course, Class 3)

Welcome to the third class in your 4-week, humor writing mini-course. This lesson talks about some basic principles of writing jokes for standup comedy and how these might apply to your writing.

Using “Benign Violation Theory” to Make Your Writing Funnier (Humor Writing Mini-Course, Class 2)

Welcome to class two of your 4-week, humor writing mini-course. In this lesson we’ll talk about how to choose the right level of detail to make your writing fit into the “Benign Violation” Theory of humor. (And if that’s not a hilarious class description, I don’t know what is.)