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Interview: This Week in Education

This Week in Education, with Alexander Russo, is the most complete, comprehensive education news blog you could add to your RSS feed. It was also the first site to post an interview about the first edition of See Me After Class. I’m excited to be back on the blog in this interview about what’s new about the new edition.

Excerpt and Poem: Middleweb

MiddleWeb is a website for teachers of the middle grades. You’ll find articles highlighting great 4-8 resources, plus original interviews, book reviews, and guest posts by teachers, school leaders, experts in professional learning, and others who support the success of young adolescents. And… an excerpt and poem from See Me After Class.

What to Do After a Bad Day: Classroom Q&A with Larry Ferlazzo

This week’s “question-of-the-week” for Larry Ferlazzo’s Classroom Q&A Blog was: What do you do when you’re having a bad day in the classroom? How do you get over feelings of frustration? This post includes my answer along with answers from fellow authors Allan Mendler and Julia Thompson.

Book: Classroom Management Q&As, Expert Strategies for Teaching

Lots of people have answers in education, but no one has all the answers. Larry Ferlazzo knows this better than anyone. That’s why his Classroom Q&A blog, a go-to source for educators, features such a diverse group of contributors. In Classroom Management Q&A’s, Expert Strategies for Teaching, Ferlazzo gathers experts, authors, administrators, and star teachers in one place and lets them answer teachers’ most pressing classroom management questions.

The book is called Classroom Management Q&A, Expert Strategies for Teaching. All proceeds go to The National Writing Project.

I am proud to be included in this collection, answering the question of how teachers can get ready for the first day of school. My basic advice: Plan for interruptions. Plan for paper. Plan for sleep.


NPR’s Tell Me More: Education Special and #NPRAspen Twitter Chat

On Monday and Tuesday, July 1 and July 2, 11Am – 12PM EST, Tell Me More will host a live radio broadcast and Twitter chat from the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colo., focusing on education and, even more broadly, on learning. As is always the case with these events, the really, super-important, mega-major-players such as author Roxanna Elden will not be in Aspen. They will be joining the discussion live from their own couches, via Twitter, at #NPRAspen. Because they are so important.

How to Use Class Time During the Last Two Weeks of School (Edweek: Larry Ferlazzo’s Classroom Q&A)

For teachers, summer’s gentle breeze can feel more like a strong headwind. After all, test-pressure season and other stressful parts of the year are over. Now you’ve got materials to pack, grades to finish, and the occasional bird flying into your classroom window and knocking itself unconscious. You’re also starting to suspect that your school’s breakfast program has started serving energy drinks and candy. The temptation to go on autopilot is strong during the final stretch of the school year, but that doesn’t mean veering off course. Here are a few of my tips for preparing for a smooth landing (and those of fellow teacher-author Donalyn Miller) on Larry Ferlazzo’s Classroom Q&A.

Class Dismissed! Find Professional Development in Unexpected Places (Educational Horizons)

If you’re paying attention, the elements of good instruction can be found in many contexts. Here are a few professionally developing experiences that are already a part of your life and don’t involve a single PowerPoint slide.

Class Dismissed! Six Student Study Habits Teachers Need, Too (Educational Horizons)

That’s right: We’re not good at group work either.

This Class Dismissed! column calls out those moments when teachers should take notes from our own lectures about staying on task.

Class Dismissed! An Unscientific Guide to Interpreting Teacher Nightmares (Educational Horizons)

My interpretations of common teacher dreams, including that one where you show up to school late in your bathrobe.

Totally non-research-based, non-data-driven, unscientific. You’ll love it.

Several Ways to Get the New Year Off to a Good Start (Ed Week: Larry Ferlazzo’s Classroom Q&A)

As you may already know, I am a big fan of Larry Ferlazzo’s blogs, so I was happy to be invited to share Several Ways to Get the New Year Off to a Good Start with co-contributor and fellow author Rick Wormeli.

My three tips: Plan for interruptions. Plan for paper. Plan for sleep.

Second edition now available!