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The Best Advice for New Teachers (Larry Ferlazzo)

Larry Ferlazzo is an award-winning ESL teacher, advice columnist and famous maker of a long list of over helpful lists for teachers. I’m excited to announce that several of my columns are featured in his Best Advice for New Teachers list.

Excel Column Award for “Class Dismissed!”

Association Media & Publishing chose a Class Dismissed! column, Is There Life After Lesson Planning? for a 2012 Excel Award.

Yay! Here’s a complete list of  award winners.

Your Principals Vs. Your Principal: How to Speak Up and When to Shut Up (Educational Horizons)

In college, students are encouraged to share their opinions, keep debates lively, and play the devil’s advocate.  You have probably noticed this is not the case at your school’s faculty meetings.

In fact, one of the most common mistakes new teachers make is showing up on the administrative radar too early, too often, and for the wrong reasons – but a tough conversation doesn’t have to mean making enemies in the main office. Read this season’s Class Dismissed column in Educational Horizons magazine for more information.

Before You Hit on me Again, Let’s Talk (Phi Delta Kappan)

Phi Delta Kappan is a professional journal that focuses on service, research, and leadership. They published an adapted version of my (kind of) love letter from teachers to education technology in their March, 2012 issue. Here is a link to the abstract on the Kappan website. Kappan subscribers can read the whole article. Non-subscribers can see the original version  here on Rick Hess Straight Up.

Class Dismissed: Parent Communication for the Twenty-Two-And-A-Half-Year-Old Teacher. (Educational Horizons)

Ten years from now, you’ll love it when people assume you are young. Early in your teaching career, however, comments about your age can feel like thinly-veiled doubts as to whether you know what you’re doing. The last thing you want is for students’ parents to describe you as adorable or call you “sweetie” during a conference.

Read parent-communication advice specifically for cute inexperienced adorable non-authoritative younger teachers in my spring Class Dismissed column for PDK’s Educational Horizons Magazine.

Classroom Management Suggestions from Larry Ferlazzo’s Classroom Q&A (Education Week)

Here is some good classroom management advice collected from teacher-authors on Larry Ferlazzo’s Classroom Q&A EdWeek column. I’m in good company with one of my other favorite teacher-authors, Gary Rubinstein.

Class Dismissed! Complaining About Work: How Much Is Too Much? (And When Can We Start?!) (Educational Horizons)

My newest column in Educational Horizons explains why complaining about work is a little bit like drinking.

Before Thanksgiving Comes the “Disillusionment Stage” for New Teachers (NPR and StateImpact Florida)

StateImpact Florida is a collaboration of local public radio stations and National Public Radio. Reporters John O’Conner and Sarah Gonzalez travel the state to report on how education issues affect you. I am a big NPR listener and was happy to be invited to write a post about the “New Teacher Disillusionment Phase,” which lasts from around Halloween until… 3:30 PM the day before Thanksgiving weekend.

Five School Reform Sound Bites That Hurt Teacher Buy-In (Rick Hess Straight Up)

Five feel-good reform phrases with troubling subtexts for teachers.

Politics Aside — For New Teachers, It’s Still November (Rick Hess Straight Up)

For new teachers and the people who love them – sometimes so much it hurts…

Second edition now available!