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John Thompson on “@ The Chalk Face”

“Rereading the second edition… is just as much fun as the first read…. Young teachers should read Elden for her practical advice and humor, while veterans might read first for her wit.”

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“We like this book (and think you will too!) for its no-nonsense, humorous take on teaching, especially during the early years. Whether you’re an aspiring, early career, or mentor teacher needing a gift for your protégé, you’ll appreciate the practical advice on everything from stressing about lessons to due-date blues to taking charge of an out-of-control class.”

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Ellie Herman on “Gatsby In LA”

“A shot of real-world, practical advice that’s grounded in common sense and years of classroom experience…. All I can say is, Halleluiah, sister.”

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Education Next: Holiday Gift and Reading List

Again, not exactly a review, but I’m happy to be on Education Next’s list of Great Education Books for Holiday Gifts and Reading.

Paul Bruno on “This Week in Education”

See Me After Class has a great deal of information and insight that new teachers will not have gotten elsewhere…There are a number of very good books that novices can read to learn about teaching, but See Me After Class sets itself apart by better capturing what it actually feels like to be a new – or otherwise imperfect – teacher.”

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Center for Teaching Quality: Recommended Holiday Wishlist

Again, not really a review, but still an honor. I’m a member and big fan of the CTQ Collaboratory, and happy to be on the CTQ recommended holiday wish list along with Larry Ferlazzo and Ariel Sacks.

Charter School Tools: Book of the Month

Technically, I guess, this is not a review, but still…

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BuzzFeed: 15 Books That Will Make You A Better Teacher

“Why it’s worth the read: Veteran teachers discuss their teaching experiences, which provide insight into successful classrooms work. The book also, however, allows teachers to laugh at all those crazy situations they find themselves in teaching the students they love.” Read the full list by Antwaun Sargent and see the other 14 books here.

Ellen Moir, Founder and CEO of The New Teacher Center

“As a new teacher mentor, you need to have empathy and illustrate that you have survived the trial by fire. You need to have a great sense of humor to lighten the tough moments. And you need to have tried-and-tested tools and tips. See Me After Class has all of those components and is a valuable addition to the resource library for new teachers and those who work with them.”
-Ellen Moir, Founder and CEO of The New Teacher Center

Dan Brown, NBCT, Director of the Future Educators Association, and Author of “The Great Expectations School”

“…a useful, empathetic guide to weathering the first-year lumps…. a frothy, satisfying Guinness for the teacher’s soul.”
-Dan Brown, Director of the Future Educators Association and author of The Great Expectations School