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Larry Ferlazzo, Teacher, Blogger and Author of “Helping Students Motivate Themselves”

“Roxanna Elden is one of the most practical, engaging and entertaining writers on education issues around. See Me After Class is a must-have book for any teacher’s bookshelf. On second-thought, you’ll probably want to keep it on your classroom desk since you’ll use it so much!”
– Larry Ferlazzo, Teacher, Blogger, and Author of Helping Students Motivate Themselves

Rick Hess, Director of Education Policy Studies at AEI

“This is the kind of no-nonsense straight talk that teachers are starved for, but too rarely get. I sure wish this had been available when I was a new teacher. Roxanna Elden tells it like it is, with a heavy dose of practicality, a dash of cynicism, a raft of constructive suggestions, and plenty of wry humor. I recommend See Me After Class, wholeheartedly and unabashedly.”
-Rick Hess, Director of Education Policy Studies at AEI

Shawn Denight, Florida Teacher of the Year

“A great idea for required reading in teacher education classes.”

Middleweb: All About the Middle Grades

“The value (of this book) for a veteran teacher here is the realization that we are not alone. Not even close. For new teachers, Elden’s book is a valuable insider’s look into navigating the school environment – from dealing with parents, to paying attention to the politics of the administration (and colleagues), to remembering that one of the tenets of teaching is that the next day is a new day, and that can be a good thing.” -Reviewer Kevin Hodgson

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Department of Education’s “Learning Matters”

Washington Teaching Ambassador Fellow Dan Brown introduced us to this video of National Board Certified Teacher Roxanna Elden giving teachers advice about the “Myth of the Super Teacher.” Read Brown’s blog and view the video of Elden’s humorous presentation, in which she proposes that teachers need more than “chicken soup” to survive the first year in a profession that “makes you or breaks you” very early on. Elden has a website for her book, See Me After Class, which Brown suggests is a must-read for new teachers.

American Teacher Journal

“With disarming humor, Elden’s supremely practical book includes firsthand accounts from the trenches and helps new recruits figure out what no college prep class taught…”

Read the full issue of American Teacher here.

James Boutin: An Urban Teacher’s Education

“Elden’s book is unique in that it includes the voices of practicing teachers. While the core of the book is driven by her experiences, she surrounds her advice by stories of success and failure from lots and lots of teachers. And many of those stories, apart from providing solace in some of your most frustrating moments as a new teacher, are pretty entertaining.”

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Elena Silva: Education Sector

“(Roxanna Elden) should write more books about teaching and should also have her own sitcom, or at least a guest appearance on Glee.”

-Elena Silva, on Education Sector’s analysis and ideas blog, The Quick and the Ed

Mr. Teachbad’s Blog of Teacher Disgruntlement

“Reading this book, I immediately felt I had a sense of the author and that, as a teacher, she was on my side….Elden cares about kids. But she also cares about you and your mental and physical health. If you are somewhere in your first 3 years of teaching, you really should take a look at this book. You should especially get it if you are feeling like a total failure as a teacher. (If you don’t feel like a failure, write your own damn book.)…. it will give you heart.”

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Rick Hess Straight Up: Education Week

“…features the kind of pander-free straight talk that warms even my icy tundra of a heart.